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Help Kedzie end the year strong!

$6,125 raised

$15,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Dear Friend of The Kedzie Center:

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season. As we close 2018 and you consider your end of the year giving, please consider The Kedzie Center. Day to day, The Kedzie Center team interfaces with the challenges faced by our residents, from homelessness, displacement, loss, trauma, substance abuse, depression, isolation, suicidality, and chronic illness to exposure to abuse and violence. The list is extensive and at times overwhelming. But we've learned that when there is a reliable place in the community to find help, people come and bring those who need help. We're honored to be a place where residents can find help for themselves, their loved ones and neighbors they encounter in the community. We know that untreated mental health issues can contribute to a host of negative outcomes; indeed, the tragedies we hear in the news and the countless tragedies we never hear about. We believe mental health rooted in the community can provide a meaningful and impactful resource and we work daily to demonstrate this because we wish this not only for the residents of North River but for all Chicago residents.

This holiday season, we hope you'll give a gift of community mental health and wellness toward our End of Year goal of $15,000. Your gift will support the following ongoing programs and activities designed to foster mental well-being for individuals and families:

  • Parent-child groups for 16 Rohingya refugee families with young children under the age of 5
  • School-based therapy groups at our partner elementary and high schools
  • Year-long support group sessions for immigrant women in our community
  • Monthly well-being visits to local older adult living facilities in North River
  • Weekly therapy and psychiatric care for hundreds of individuals and families
  • Case management for walk-in individuals who are displaced and without stable housing
  • Co-sponsored community activities, such as a trauma conference with 175 of our neighbors

These are some of the ways that we're expanding what it means to provide local and "accessible" community mental health - transcending the barriers of language and culture, transportation and childcare, and systemic issues - by building ongoing, trusting relationships. At a time of so much change and unpredictability, safe and reliable places where we can find support, hope and connection are vital. Your support helps us to reach into our community spaces to truly make mental healthcare accessible. We are grateful for your support of a model of community mental health that we are confident will benefit communities across our beloved city. Thank you, in advance, for helping to transform community mental health care in Chicago.

Thank you and our best wishes for a happy holiday season!